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Darva's Vision: For 30 years I have advocated for justice, equality and fairness for all. My political accomplishments have allowed me to interact with officials in Chicago, Springfield, and Washington DC. My background and experiences in state and local government have put me in a good position to serve a leadership role in reviving, reshaping and renewing the community. Where there is no vision the people perish - love, hope and faith will conquer all. We must work together to put an end to the old ways of thinking. Today let us all begin visualizing a new community-city and state. Let us put behind our past mistakes and present challenges to be an example of life's journey for the community. We will begin changing and reshaping history by making a new slate and statement for all residents. It is my belief that we share collective responsibility for the present conditions, which is good news, as it means that as a team, we have a collective ability to address the most challenging community issues and concerns.

ABOUT THE CEO: Darva Watkins was raised on the West side of Chicago with eleven of her siblings until she was thirteen years old.  From there she relocated to the South side of Chicago in the Bronzeville community. She is a humble and proud parent of four grown children (two sons and two daughters) and three granddaughters. Raised by her mom and two aunts who inspired her to reach for the sky and be the best in all endeavors, Darva began assisting her aunt and mother in selling their product and services at the age of twelve, and assisted her girlfriends' mothers in their households and businesses. At the age of fourteen she began employment and has, throughout her life, developed a broad base of experience in a number of different industries, including restaurants, commodity firms, hair care, event promotion, government sales and corporate marketing. For three decades, Darva has assisted elected officials from Chicago, Springfield and Washington DC win political campaigns. She has served as a member of thirty different community and political organizations. She has been honored with many achievement awards and certificates. Throughout her life, she has felt a responsibility and passion to be a community leader, motivating, inspiring and mentoring similarly minded individuals. Darva is self employed and runs a marketing and management company, DarMillenium. She has been a member of Apostolic Faith Church for twenty years, and is birthing a woman's ministry (WAR-Women are Rising) for women ready to make a change for God and their families. She is looking forward to uplifting several communities in Chicago with a positive awakening message from her aspiring organization Just-Us. God is the head of her life.....as she moves straight ahead.

Executive Board:
CEO/Executive Director: Darva Watkins
Vice President: Patricia McCall
Treasurer: Robert Churchill/Dorothy Olivier
Secretary:  Linda Mohammed  
Sgt at Arms: Robert Churchill

Board of Directors:

David McConnell
Diane Phillips
Evelyn Gibson
Henrietta Parker

Chavone Carter
Pat Hale
Tameka Holt
Norman Taylor